Create New Agent

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Create New Agent

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AG_Create New Agent

Every time an agency admin adds a new user, FLX will send the new user a system generated email with their credentials with a cc to the admin.  When the Profile Management tab in SPRK is updated with a new agent for an agency, the tool will automatically send a pre-defined email to the new user and cc the admin which created the user containing the credentials created. Use the following steps to create a new agent. Fill in the following information:

Name: First and Last name of the Agent.

Agent ID: This will be the ID used to log into SPRK with.

Email: The email address of the Agent; confirmation will be sent here.

Agent Role: Select the appropriate role from the dropdown list. For a description of the permissions associated with each role, please refer to the Defined User Roles section of this Reference.


Click the Checkmark to create the new user account. Remember that Submit must be selected for the changes to be saved.